Cuba Bakery is a family owned business that has been in Homestead, Florida for over 40 years. We take pride in serving the community with homemade desserts, food, and pastries. Over that past 40 years there has been two owners. Here at Cuba Bakery we offer Cuban cuisine such as pastelitos, delicious empanadas, Cuban bread, ropa vieja, imperial rice, roast pork, and much more. We use no preservatives in our foods and promote service with the utmost quality. We believe not only in our employees, the community, but also in providing customers with the best possible experience. We have foods and services for all occasions ranging from weddings, birthday parties, new year events, and holidays. We also provide catering for large events in order to make it easier for our loyal customers. In addition, we serve our patrons in the prime

hours of the morning with the best Cuban coffee and breakfast. Locals come in for coffee, Cuban bread, and other morning goodies that we are renown for. Although we may not be a large chain, we believe our great atmosphere and goal of great quality food are tailored for the customers. Visit today! Have a question? Our friendly staff is waiting to hear from you. Please call us at 305-245-2724.


Customer Testimonials

"The cake for my daughter's wedding was beautiful, THANK YOU! She said it was prettier than she pictured. It tasted just as good. Thank you so much!"

Brandon Garcia